You’ll Definitely Want To Eat These Foods Rescued From Dumpsters

Every year, about one-third of the world’s food gets lost or discarded. And quite a bit of it is perfectly intact, healthful and something you’d want to sink your teeth into. 

To demonstrate just how delectable thrown out food can be, photographer Aliza Eliazarov set out to take pictures of fruits, vegetables and other items in dumpsters around Brooklyn and Harlem, New York.

Often, edible foods are discarded because there’s confusion surrounding the expiration dates or they don’t meet the industry’s “beauty standards.”

Take action now: Sign this petition urging Walmart to sell “ugly” fruit and vegetables to reduce food waste. 

Eliazarov photographed the foods and modeled the shoots after 17th-century food art. 

“I used food headed for the trash and made it art,” Eliazarov told The Huffington Post. “My goal for the project was to show the beauty in the food that was being wasted.”

All of the food was consumed after.

Eliazarov’s “Waste Not” series will be on display through July 4 at the Hudson Beach Glass gallery in Beacon, New York.

Sign the petition below and join thousands of Americans calling on Walmart to sell “ugly” fruit and vegetables to help reduce food waste.