Women Of Twitter Roast Joss Whedon’s Ridiculous ‘Wonder Woman’ Script

In the three weeks since its release, “Wonder Woman,” has been hailed as a female-powered success: countless think pieces and viral posts have been written about the power of seeing women’s stories on the big screen. But Hollywood’s story of Wonder Woman was almost told by Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “The Avengers,” and “Toy Story.”

A month after his screenplay was released online, women of Twitter are tweeting their gratitude that it wasn’t Whedon’s rendition of “Wonder Woman” that made it to the big screen.

Like so many Hollywood screenplays in which men try to tell women’s stories, the language and dialogue in Whedon’s is objectifying and almost perverted, reading more like Reddit fan fiction rather than a superhero blockbuster.

Diana’s introduction in the screenplay is the first major red flag ― she’s described as “curvaceous, but taut as a drawn bow,” and in another scene, she participates in “a dance that is sensual, ethereal, and wicked sexy.” 

Women on Twitter highlighted other cringe-worthy moments in their tweets. 

Turn Joss Whedon's god awful cancelled Wonder Woman script into a Creepypasta, because it really is that horrific. pic.twitter.com/WuOLp0pCEh

— Ashleigh (@holocronz) June 15, 2017

me reading joss whedon's original script for wonder woman and realising he's gonna direct batgirl pic.twitter.com/bfBaIVKwXZ

— moony (@avxnger) June 16, 2017

My condolences to everyone who spent last night reading and/or finding out about Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman screenplay. IT? IS? HELL??

— Gavia Baker-Whitelaw (@Hello_Tailor) June 16, 2017

Thanking the entire universe for not allowing the sexist & terrible Joss Whedon Wonder Woman to ever get made. pic.twitter.com/xZrBsjmVY4

— ✨libby ✨ (@ladylibberty) June 15, 2017

joss whedon's Wonder Woman is literally a bad wattpad fanfiction how did we manage to dodge such a bullet pic.twitter.com/ztkF5r9W6B

— nana (@xwondergal) June 16, 2017

reading the wh*don wonder woman script was never any fun but after seeing/crying at actual WW it becomes a viscerally insulting experience

— Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 15, 2017

s/o to whatever kind merciful soul rejected joss whedon's wonder woman script

— jade (@gaysanvers) June 16, 2017

It’s difficult to point out Whedon’s major flaws with this screenplay, because he’s done so much to support women. He’s donated huge sums of money to Planned Parenthood and made a short film to support the health care organization. He’s also spoken out against all of the disgruntled dudebros who felt left out at women-only “Wonder Woman” screenings.

But as Movie Pilot News editor-at-large Alisha Grauso tweeted, it’s important that even allies be held accountable: 

If the Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script reveals anything, it's that even the most well-meaning of us have to actively work to evolve.

— Alisha Grauso (@AlishaGrauso) June 16, 2017

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