UK Votes To Leave The EU, Trump Soaring In The Polls, And We Need A Wave Of Change Now

The United Kingdom just voted to leave the EU. Donald Trump exists and has voters (lots of them) supporting him. Divisiveness and fear abound. And I’m moved to say something.

This is the price we pay for not being present to what happens in our world; for often choosing not to know the truths of our reality; or simply for not doing something because we feel the something we can do is not enough.

This is a misleading way to think, because it assumes that if the world is to be “saved” or improved or helped, it will come from the will of one person – me, you, or some leader “out there.”

Let me tell you – no.

Change happens from us waking up to our own power; our own sense of agency, and taking ownership of our lives, our impact, our communities and our collective future together on this spinning piece of rock floating in space.

The lesson in all this, to me, is this: keeping our eyes closed to our own power to do what’s right and to make a difference, could be the thing that spirals us into the dark crevices of human civilisation we idly hope we’ll never encounter.

The movements forward to peace, prosperity and wellness must be made proactively, and done through the informed individual, informing and inspiring the collective to action.

The movements forward come from me and you looking within ourselves, finding our power and saying “Today, I’ll be putting you to good use.”


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