Some Genius Transformed Your Favorite Memes Into Fine Art

Just when you thought nothing could have you rolling the way a good meme does, Afro-surrealist artist Alim Smith turned all your fave faces into fine art. 

From the timeless images of a teary-eyed Michael Jordan to the face of a confused Nick Young, Smith uses surrealism to exaggerate the hilarity of these folks.

Based in Delaware, Smith ― who derives inspiration from black popular culture in his artwork ― began posting these images in homage to what he refers to as “Black Meme History Month.”

Check out some of Smith’s brilliant creations below:

When you are confused and you are Nick Young

— Johnny Rogers (@johnnyrogers727) February 17, 2017

What you mean? 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas I really enjoyed painting this one! Ive seen this expression all of my life lol and i also didn't know I could paint teeth lol, I'm gonna paint way more happy black people now lol It's weird after painting these pictures and looking at them I feel like I actually know these people lol and I obviously don't but I never realised how valuable expression and being expressive is. I really really really fucking appreciate everyone who enjoy the work and shares it oh yeah! ART SHOW MARCH 31st WILMINGTON DELAWARE CHRIS WHITE GALLERY 701 N. SHIPLEY STREET from 6-10 pm its gonan be a fucking dope show! Thank you!!! @swaggyp1

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Me: When Donald trump becomes president I'm moving Canada
Bank account:

— Jëan Gréy (@GreyMatterrs) November 15, 2016

A LEGEND IN THE MEME GAME This meme has brought me great joy I wanna thank @conceitednyc for making a timeless face this was fun to paint because I didn't know I could paint clouds like at all and i could see why bob ross was so chill lol I kinda regret that every portrait i did doesn't have a background (Tell me what you think should be the title for this painting) "Untitled" Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 MEME ART SHOW MARCH 31ST CHRIS WHITE GALLERY WILMINGTON DELAWARE more information coming soon! Prints at

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Talking bout this dude? RT @EustaciaLondon seriously who is this man with the glasses on the phone?

— #SethCurryWitTheShot (@idontknowyoubro) August 26, 2014

Another Great Meme History One of the most Iconic Snitches in Black History "I'd Like to Report A……" 18 x 24 Oil on Canvas THIS WAS DIFFICULT AND I hate cameras because they really don't do pictures any justice, so I had to scan this in sections Meme prints available at (Link in bio) The first set I'm sending out will all be signed

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Another Great in Black meme history Keisha Johnson I call this �"Lifes a Beach" oil on wood 18 x 24 Ive never painted a sunset ever! so this background really makes me happy

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Live look at Duke's Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski

— Crying Jordan (@CryingJordan) March 20, 2017

I felt I abandoned my style and I had to return but this time without the pastels, because i wanna work more on getting better with Oil and actually painting and I wanted to do another series for black history month And I didn't wanna do the regular malcolm x , rosa park shit I wanted to celebrate something that has become an incredible part of black culture MEMES The baby face baller oil on canvas 18 x 24 Artshow for series coming In March!

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The only man that can fix this election mess… #UncleDenzel

— Justin Spears (@JustinSpears4) December 17, 2016

Uncle Denzel 18 x 24 Oil on canvas These memes have by far been my favorite pieces to make because I'm just giggling the whole time I'm painting lmao I think this one is my favorite so far! Because I have and know several uncle Denzel's lol Art show March 31st!! Wilmington Delaware Chris white gallery 701 north Shipley street Early bird tickets come with a free print!! 10 dollars (Link in bio) they are moving pretty fast Come out! It's gonna be lit cause it's the first show I'm actually excited about lol I realized my work never really entertained me , cool colors and shit but meh I actually enjoyed this Thank you!

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