Need To Evade The Police? Michel Gondry Might Suggest A House On Wheels

Michel Gondry is an impresario of whimsy, as established with “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “The Science of Sleep” and “Be Kind Rewind.” His newest film, “Microbe & Gasoline,” scales back on the dreamlike plotlines but maintains Gondry’s sense of limitlessness. It’s about two outsider teenagers who band together to create a makeshift house on wheels.

The Huffington Post has an exclusive clip that shows off said vehicle-abode, which gives the movie’s protagonists (played by newcomers Théophile Baquet and Ange Dargent) a humorous run-in with the law. “Microbe & Gasoline,” which opened abroad last year and stars Audrey Tautou, hits select U.S. theaters on Friday.