My Wake Up Call To Get More Sleep

You know how sometimes you can know something, but you don’t really understand it?

Like when your mom tells you to bring a jacket in case it’s cold. You know you’re supposed to bring something, but you don’t really understand it until you’ve been in the cold enough times, without a jacket, wishing you had listened to your mom.

Or to take it easy with the tequila shots. Or to not eat too much chocolate cake. (The list goes on and on…)

All this time, you know what you’re supposed to do, but there’s a certain point where the information really sinks in.

Such is the case with me and sleep. My sleep hygiene has been all over the place my entire life, and it never seemed to bother me. But after a few months of being pretty tired on little sleep, I decided to change it up.

I’ve recently made sleep my #1 priority- cancelling plans, making simple dinners (fruit, rice, tea), and doing whatever it takes to get my shut-eye routine back on track.

And what did I find out? Just how important sleep is, like everyone tells you your whole life! My skin improved, I felt happier, and more energized.

It’s funny, because I’m a major go-getter who will research and read all about these interesting and crazy health and beauty remedies, but I’ve been missing the most basic one that takes the least effort.

So, what did I learn?

1) Sometimes trying harder isn’t the answer. I can read about all the cool and funky ancient healing and wellness secrets all I want, but I still need a ton of sleep! (At least 8 hours). As they say, K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple, Superstar.

2) Everyone’s health needs change throughout their life, through different seasons, and through through phases. Whereas most of my life, I’ve gotten by on less sleep, I need more now. That’s okay! Listen to your body, learn, and roll with it.

3) Pay more attention to my “I should buts.” For example “I should do x,” but “I seem not to need it,” “I don’t want to,” “I can’t,” etc. Sleeping has been an “I should but” (as in, “I should get more sleep but I don’t seem to need it”), and we can vastly improve our health (or anything!) by focusing on the weakest link.

Most of all, I learned that the body is a pretty miraculous machine, and that it’s able to revitalize if it’s just in sleep mode for longer. It may not be revolutionary, but sometimes we need a little reminder about how important the basics are to have a solid health foundation.

Sweet Dreams, Loves!

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