Kit Harington Reveals Why He Showed Up To His ‘Game Of Thrones’ Audition With A Black Eye

Kit Harington showed up to his “Game of Thrones” audition with a battle wound even before he was cast as the valiant Jon Snow. In a new video interview with W Magazine, the actor explained why he walked in with a black eye. 

“I’d been in a fight the night before. I got in this fight with this guy at McDonald’s,” Harington said. “I went into McDonald’s with this girl I was sort of dating at the time, and it was late at night, and there were no seats. And I asked this guy and girl he was with if we could sit at the same table as him, and he said yes. We sat down and quite quickly he started being very rude to the girl I was with, calling her names.”  

The 29-year-old actor and his date tried not to engage with their horrible seatmate until he decided to call Harington’s date an “ugly pig.” That was the last straw. 

“I got up and said, ‘No, no, you can’t call her that,'” the actor said. “So I called him up for a fight, which I’d never done before … And he got up and he just kept going, [realizing how tall he was]. And I just realized that I had to, at that point, throw the first punch, otherwise I’d look like a complete wimp. And I got battered.” 

Luckily, Harington thinks that his black eye might’ve actually helped him get the job, so it all worked out for the best. 

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