Friday’s Morning Email: The Next Special Election To Pay Attention To


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THIS IS THE NEXT SPECIAL ELECTION YOU’LL HEAR ABOUT The DCCC just made Montana the next battleground. [HuffPost]

AMERICAN AID WORKER FREED AFTER BEING HELD IN EGYPT FOR 3 YEARS Thanks to an intervention from President Donald Trump. [Reuters]

ARKANSAS EXECUTES INMATE FOR FIRST TIME IN 12 YEARS Ledell Lee was pronounced dead at 11:56 CDT. He is the first of eight men the state plans to execute before the end of the month, when its supply of one of the drugs in its three-part lethal injection protocol expires. [HuffPost

POLICE OFFICER, SUSPECT SHOT DEAD; 2 OTHER OFFICERS INJURED IN ATTACK ON CHAMPS ELYSEE French President Francois Hollande called the event an act of terrorism, and ISIS quickly claimed responsibility. The attack comes right before France’s presidential elections Sunday. [HuffPost]

BILL O’REILLY TO RECEIVE $25 MILLION PAYOUT FROM FOX As part of his settlement to leave the network. Here’s why his fall from grace was particularly steep and what it means for the culture at Fox. And yes, O’Reilly did once write a fictional novel about a fired newsman’s murderous revenge. [HuffPost]

THE PHOTO SERIES THAT SHOWS ‘THE PEOPLE OF NORTH KOREA YOU RARELY GET TO SEE’ Take a look at the portraits of the everyday workings of North Korean life. And here is everything you need to know about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. [HuffPost]

IN CASE THE NEWS ABOUT GOOGLE CHROME’S AD BLOCKER WASN’T BAD ENOUGH Publications are reporting a steep decline in their Facebook reach. [DigiDay]

WHEN AN ICEBERG SHOWS UP IN YOUR BACKYARD The photos are pretty absurd. [HuffPost]


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ALTHOUGH JASON LINKINS’ EVALUATION OF HENRY KISSINGER’S ASSESSMENT OF JARED KUSHNER IS ONE FOR THE AGES Especially this line: “The former secretary of state is almost positive that Kushner exists.” [HuffPost]

‘WHY YOU CANNOT SEE MY DAUGHTER’S AUTISM’ “That’s because most of the public’s understanding of the condition applies primarily to boys and men.” [HuffPost]



  • Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz denies scandal speculation after announcing he will leave Congress early.

  • Cuba Gooding Sr., the soul singer and father of Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr., has died. He was 72.

  • The danger of mosquitoes isn’t going away.

  • Trump’s popularity is polling lower than United Airlines.

  • It looks like Gisele has made her feelings about Trump clear the day that Tom Brady was supposed to visit the White House.

  • You’re welcome: Here are some of the first photos from the set of “Game of Thrones.”

  • We’re with the internet ― the budgets of the families on “House Hunters” make NO sense.

  • Ina Garten speaks out about deciding not to have children.

  • The Truth is out there: “The X-Files” will get another 10 episodes.

  • Happy Friday ― here’s a woman figuring out the movie trailer she’s watching is actually a wedding proposal.

  • Your trash is going to the Arctic.

  • Congrats to Ronda Rousey on her engagement to boyfriend Travis Browne.

  • The internet is siding with Hawaii in the Jeff Sessions-island debate.

  • “Torching the modern day Alexandria.”

  • Test how much you paid attention to the news this week with HuffPost’s Headline Quiz.

  • And this is why we’d get along with Queen Elizabeth II: Not only were we both born today, but she also has two birthday celebrations each year. That’s someone doing it right.


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