Dump Trump? Please.

Let’s have a think about that.

We are hearing rumors of civil war in the Republican Party. It is said that many leaders within the GOP are seriously considering dumping Donald Trump as their presidential nominee. It seems appropriate to add that they would be doing so against the express wishes of the very voters they allegedly represent.

Tens of millions of the Republican electorate, all of whom rabidly despise the government establishment, exercised their sacred vote and selected their own personal anti-establishment Jesus, Donald Trump, as the nominee to lead their party in November. He won fair and square.

Today, now confronted with the harsh realities of that selection, the government establishment is talking about disregarding their own base voters and nominating some other empty suit off of the tyrannical, Washington-insider rack, somebody who is more to their Washington-insider liking. So much for democratic due-process.

Do you think the Republican establishment has heard about the ‘frying pan into the fire’ metaphor?

The other harsh reality is this: Trump won because he was, by a free vote of free citizens, the best the Republican Party had to offer. It is not me saying this, it is their own base saying this with their sacred votes. The brutal hand of free-market electoral politics chose Trump as the winner, and let’s face it, the contest wasn’t even close.

I wonder how tens of millions of angry, establishment-hating voters will feel about being disregarded and rendered voiceless by the very establishment they sought to overthrow at the primary ballot boxes. Do you think they will take it personally if their express will, arrived at democratically, is ignored by Republican insiders in Washington?

I suspect that GOP leadership will eventually line up behind Reince Priebus and lick Trump’s boots, because, after all, the fire is worse. And, apparently, almost everybody in the country, including conservatives, believe that his candidacy will be disastrous for the party. But just imagine the disaster if they openly disregard democracy and ignore the wishes of their own base expressed at the ballot box!

Ding Dong! The GOP is dead.

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