Billy Zane Is Probably The Only Person Who Thinks Rose Should’ve Stayed With Cal In ‘Titanic’

Remember Cal Hockley, the insufferable villain who was set to wed Kate Winslet’s Rose DeWitt Bukater in “Titanic”? Not only was he a misogynistic jerk, he was also an arrogant snob who cheated his way onto a lifeboat with a lost child. 

According to Billy Zane, who played the antagonist in the tragic romance movie, Cal might have just been “misunderstood.” 

In an interview with “Today,” the actor offered an alternate ending, after noting that some people think Rose made the wrong choice with Jack. (Do these people really exist? We don’t believe it!)

When the hosts asked if Zane agreed with those people, he hesitantly responded, “Sure. Yes. I think he found redemption end. And I wish he had found her in the Carpathia, and was able to right his wrongs.” 

Much like the hosts, we’re not buying that.

Jack and Rose forever!