10 Small – Scale Startup Ideas


In our work with entrepreneurs, it is evident that many of you are looking for small-scale startup ideas to start developing that can grow to robust $1M+ businesses.

Some of you wish to do these as side businesses, while holding onto your jobs.

Some of you just want to build a solid lifestyle business and enjoy running it.

Some of you want to get started in a bootstrapping with a paycheck mode, and then quit your day jobs.

All of the above are viable options. Here are 10 ideas that you can start playing with:

As a writer, I deeply empathize with the plight of numerous journalists and writers out there whose livelihoods are imploding at a fantastic scale. My first two ideas are focused on writers:

  • A Startup Idea to Leverage Good Writers
  • Startup Idea to Leverage Good Technology Writers

I am also following certain societal trends, especially the one where talented women have quit their jobs to raise children, and are having identity crises, depression and other issues once the kids have left the home. My next two ideas are focused on this segment:

  • A Startup Idea to Help Empty Nesters
  • Startup Idea to Help Women Return to the Workforce

I am also disturbed by highly trained older engineers getting fired from major tech companies. I have an idea for helping them:

  • A Startup Idea to Help Older, Laid-off Engineers

I am an avid traveler, and have three travel related ideas

  • Build Me This Travel Planning App, Please!
  • Build Me This Travelogue App, Please!
  • A Startup Idea for Marketing Unique Travel Experiences

I work with some musicians to help them get their music out there while making a buck. Here’s an idea to toy around with if you are a music aficionado:

  • For Music Industry Entrepreneurs – Some Thoughts, Some Questions

Finally, I want to cover more Indian entrepreneurs. This last business idea stems from that core desire:

  • A Startup Idea: HARO for Indian and Global SMBs

You can take any of these ideas and execute on them, morph them, mash them up with other ideas of your own. If you want help with building any of these businesses, we’ll be happy to help.

Photo credit: RichardBH/Flickr.com.

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